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The Road to Julie Andrews Pt. 2...

I read the book "Home: A Memoir of My Early Years" by Julie Andrews. The book begins with her explaining her family. She talks about her grandparents, her parents, her step father, her siblings, and her aunt and uncle. She discusses growing up and moving around. Her parents were Vaudeville performers. Her mother played the piano and her step father would sing. When she was 12, she was asked to sing with them, and from then on, she was a household name. She began singing lessons and before she knew it she was performing with her parents every night. Little shows like that went on for some time until she wanted to go out and do bigger and better things. She came to the United States a few years later to star in the new Broadway musical, "My Fair Lady". She had planned to return back home a few years later, after her contact ended. She missed her family and her home so much. Instead of going back home, she was offered to do another musical, and another musical after that, and so on and so fourth. Years later she was offered the role of Mary Poppins, and then the role of Maria in "The Sound Of Music", both of which made her a well known celebrity in Hollywood. My favorite part of the book was when she would explain how much being onsage made her feel so many amazing emotions. She talked about how she loved getting the opportunity to make the audience feel how deeply she felt for a performance. She explains that "There is no more magical feeling, no one luckier than I...It is bliss. Once in a while I experience an emotion onstage that is so gut-wrenching, so heart-stopping, that I could weep with gratitude and joy. The feeling catches and magnifies so rapidly that it threatens to engulf me." In this book she gives you insight to her home life, her voice lessons, her preparations for Broadway, and her joy of performing and singing. My iQuest project is about Recording Engineering, but also Singing. It was very interesting to learn about her life, her start, and her adventures throughout Broadway and film. If you are in any way interested in the arts and music, this is a book for you. Julie Andrews is my Idol and I absolutely loved reading more about her. She is truely amazing.

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