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The Road to Junior Achievement...

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Junior Achievement Social Innovation camp with my iQuest class. Junior Achievement is a Non-Profit organization that partners with educators, volunteers, and businesses, to help students understand the importance of entrepreneuership, financial literacy, and work readiness. They hold innovation camps and invite many schools in the area to participate. The goal of the project and presentation is to come up with a social issue and create a product that you feel could help solve the issue. I, unfortunately, was not able to take part because I was sick, but I did attend the presentation portion of the day, and was able to see what peole from my school, and other schools were able to come up with. Even though I wasn't able to be a part of a team and come up with a solution to an important issue, I still found the presentations really facinating. The products people came up with were very creative and very well thought out. I almost did't attend at all because I wasn't feeling well, but i'm glad I went and atleast saw the presentations. I was very impressed by how many products I saw being presented that could be of service to businesses, and could actually help a social issue. Presentation wise, I saw many people dressed appropriately, and were well spoken. I also saw many people who were not dressed appropriately, and would speak quietly, or not have a clear vision of what they were going to say. I'd say that is something I will keep with me for my up and coming college presentations. It is always good to dress appropriately, behave well, and speak properly when going into something business related. I am so glad I was able to attend the Junior Achievement Social Innovation camp. Congratulations to the people from my iQuest class that won!

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