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The Road to My Bucket...

In iQuest the other day, we watched a video called "How Full is Your Bucket". It was a video of a speech by Tom Wrath. He discussed five strategies for bucket filling that I will now discuss.

1. Prevent bucket dipping by getting rid of negativity. Surround yourself with positive people instead of negative people.

2. Shine light on what is right. Pay attention, and point out the good in things instead of dwelling on the bad. Actively engage with people, and focus on you and the people around you's strengths.

3. Make best friends. If you have friends on the job, you both tend to work more productively.

4. Give unexpectedly. Most people enjoy the unexpected over the expected.

5. Reverse the golden rule. Doing to others the things that they would have liked you to do to them.

In life, I feel that it's very important to surround yourself with people who are positive. I love to laugh and be happy, so I think it's a must to keep out negativity and embrace being positive. I love when people focus on what I do right, instead of what I do wrong. It's hard for teenagers now a days to experience that because of the constant negativity form parents and even teachers. It's like if you have an english and a math test on the same day. You get an A on the english and a C on the math. When you come home, your parents are standing there yelling at you about the C on the math test, but they never mention the A on the english test. Focusing on the positive and the things you do right makes you happy and it fills your bucket. I also believe in focusing on your strengths. the chance of you failing is less, and it makes you want to continue to excell because you enjoy it. In my life, I am definately a bucket filler. I hate negativity and always try to make everyone else around me more positive and happy. It's important to make people feel like they did a good job and to applaud success. Whenever I see someone wearing something cute, I will always go tell them. Say If they had a cute shirt on, I would go up to them and let them know. I like getting compliments, so why not let other people enjoy getting a compliment. It fills their bucket, and it also fills mine.

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