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The Road to the Studio...

For iQuest, I observe sessions at Red Rooster Studios in Berkeley, California. The recording business is sometimes difficult because you can have one whole day booked, and then not have anyone scheduled to record for a few weeks. You also have to interract and deal with a bunch of different personalities. Garth, the owner and sound engineer, always makes sure that I come in when he knows the people recording are appropriate for me to be around. Aside from observing in the studio, I record my own covers at home. I sing and engineer different material myself. I tend to do about one song a week. One song takes me around 4 or more hours, depending on the complexity of the harmonies or effects I create. Recordings tend to take around that long, and maybe a little less if it's in a professional studio. It's easier in a studio because you have a musician, or musicians, and the sound engineer who is doing all of the editing and recording. At home, I do both myself, so it takes a little longer. I have set a SMART goal for myself to record and upload a Christmas song this year by December 25th. I have never recorded and engineered a Christmas song, so this will be a bit different. I am scheduled to sit in on a session after Christmas, so until then, keep checking in to see new videos up on YouTube!

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