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The Road to my Dreams...

"Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars" -Unknown. Growing up, my parents were always very musical. My dad used to perform on the Princess Cruise Lines and always enjoyed theatre. My mom participated in high school choir and even played guitar. It's because of them that I have this passion for music. I was in my first musical in second grade. I was in the ensemble but I will never forget my small little singing solo. I was so nervous. I had never sang in front of an audience on a stage before. It ended up being one of the best things I had ever experienced. In that moment, I knew music was what I wanted to do in life. My parents introduced me to music and have supported me in everything I have put my mind too. In seventh grade, I joined my middle school choir. I was already in one with another company outside of school, but I mean, why not be in two?! Lucerne Mottaz, the choir director at Cal High, decided to start a choir at my middle school. I was excited but also nervous. I didn't know what to expect. Sadly, she decided to leave Cal High end of last year. Looking back, I am so incredibly happy that I joined the choir because I got to meet someone who would soon become, a hero to me. Lucerne was not only my teacher, but a friend, and most importantly, an Idol. Not only did she teach me to love music, but she also taught me to have fun, laugh, and to always be myself. To this day, she continues to encourage me to go for my dreams and be the best I can be. In these five, almost six years that I've known her, she has become like a second mom to me . I would not be the same person I am today without her. Lastly, I would like to mention my four best friends (they know who they are). They put up with my weirdness, silliness, and craziness every second of every day. They pick me up when I am down, laugh with me, sometimes at me, and they constantly push me to be a good person. Most importantly, they always inspire me to accomplish my wildest dreams. They are a part of me. They all are. There are many more people that really influence my dreams and goals in life, but naming them all would take a while. I try my hardest to achieve my dreams not just for myself, but for everyone that supports me, and especially my grandpa. It will be two years in December since he passed away. I miss him every day, and everything I do is for him. I am so happy to have so many people in my life that support me and encourage me to accomplish my dreams.

I was sick last week, so I have been procrastinating on recording a new song, but i'm better now, and just uploaded one! I actually didn't plan for this song to have so much in common with this blog assignment but...coincidence? Who knows...

"Who I Am" originally by Jessica Andrews (cover by emma).


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