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The Road to Heaven, the Story Behind the Song...

Hi everyone! Last Friday I got to observe a recording session at Red Rooster Studios! I got to hang out and watch Alex Christ and Rob Cassidy each record a song they wrote! Rob Cassidy recorded a song called "Bye Bye Alexus" and has given me permission to tell you about the songs' story. Rob's friend knew the family of a young girl named Alexus Carr-Brooks. Alexus was a 16 year old with cancer. Rob wanted to help, so he decided to start a fundraiser for her. He raised enough money to buy her a recliner chair. Unfortunately 2 weeks later, Alexus passed away. Rob reached out to his friends and family, once more, for another donation to help pay for her funeral. In total they were able to raise about $3,400. At first, I had no idea this song was written from a real life experience. It just made it that much more special knowing the back story. I think people often forget to listen to the words of songs. So many people just get hooked on the melody and don't care what the words say. This week, I learned to always appreciate the lyrics in a song because you never know if the story the artist is telling is something truely magical. Thank you to Garth Webber for letting me shaddow you! Also, thank you so much Alex and Rob, for letting me sit in on your session! I had such an amazing time and I wish you both the absolute best!

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