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The Beginning of the Road...

My name is Emma Young and this is...The Road to Nashville. I am currently a high school Senior enrolled in IQuest. IQuest is a program where you take what you're passionate about and intern at a place that allows you to experience that passion. My passion is singing and sound engineering, so it was only natural that I intern in a recording studio. Over the next 10 months I will be documenting my experiences in my blog. A little background on myself; I started singing in third grade with the Danville Girls Chorus. The chorus goes from the third to the eighth grade. In seventh grade I joined the choir at my middle school, and then of course did it again as an eighth grader. To make this story short I have been in school choir every year since then. In addition to being in choir, I have studied with a vocal teacher for the past eight years. I have also been in over 10 musical productions. As a young eighth grader in middle school I began recording my own covers and posting them to YouTube. I record them myself as well as engineer them. My favorite genre of music is country but I love to cover all types and put a country spin to them. I love to take a pop song, for example, and make it country, or vice versa. I love singing and I love sound engineering just as much. It's really amazing to have a specific vision for a song and then make it sound like magic. It takes a lot of creativity and imagination, which makes it very interesting and amazing. I can't wait for all of you to go on this journey with me as I begin...The Road to Nashville! XOXO

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